Friday, September 18, 2015

How To: Have The Plane Ride Ever!

 Here is a presentation about How To : Have the best plane ride ever! This was just something I worked on during the week, and I hope this helps you a lot!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cyber Smart!


Today with Miss Kyla, we were very fortunate to take a quiz based on how to be a cyber smart person. The quiz was provided with 11 questions all on the same topic. It was a bit weird how , it was a bit hard to understand a few questions as I am the type of person to always be around social media. From the quiz that I took today, I learnt that it is important not to give out any information or passwords to strangers - even parents, family or friends!  Following the small quiz activity, we were then told to answer a few questions on the google drawing. You can see from there what i have learnt this term, and what i have learnt from the quiz. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Last Year Of Netball

Netball has been a huge experience for me! Especially as I have played for full five years. I started  playing for Point England in Year 4, where Mr Jacobson was my first coach and his wife was the manager. Just because this does happen to be my last year of playing for Point England, doesn't mean i'll stop playing. Playing netball is a sport that I really treasure a lot. In year 5 I played for team 1, which was coached and managed by Mrs Squires. That year was probably one of the best years of netball! We came first in our netball grade and received medals as part of our gift :) In year 6 & 7 I played for team 2, which was coached by Mrs Erasmus. This year, I played for the Point England Storm team which was coached by Timmi and Managed by Greg. It was a really tough ride this year having cake stalls, and a few fundraisers for our fees but it was all worth it! Hopefully sometime when I grow up, I can coach one of our Point England teams.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Staying Smart With Mobiles

 Today, Miss Peato's maths class got to discuss about being cyber smart with personal mobile phones with Miss Kyla. We had a talk about the many things we should be aware of when we are using mobile devices. We were then set up to a task to fill out the speech bubbles with at least 3 advice's to people who own mobile phones.