Friday, July 27, 2012

Lucky Blogger Awards!

Today was a very special and a lucky day for me and my friends because in a assembly I have been given a very special blogger award which is very cool ! This award was given from Mrs Burt, I had made the most blog posts at Pt. England School!! I really appreciate that it was given to me!

It  all began when it was time for the very special blogging awards! I was sitting down and thought that it couldn't possibly be me! I listened to Mrs Burt! "The person with thirty six posts is... JOSEPHINE!", She shouted as my blog appeared. I was amazingly shocked and froze. I stood up to get my award!  "Come and get your very special VIP award", She  said! Then I crazily froze for a little bit! She placed it on my neck I felt so special! Sela and Lesieli got their awards too!

When it was done we had to get the rest of our prizes! like... pencils and pens! Then we got a photo! We were feeling so happy!



  1. Hello Miss Number One Blogger at PES! I am so happy for you! It is fantastic to see that all of the effort and hard work you have put into your blog posts is being recognised!

    Well done!!

    Miss Ouano :)

  2. Josephine, your enthusiasm and love for learning is so evident in your blogposts, that your award yesterday is so well deserved. I know that Mrs Burt has spoken for sometime about your positivity and prolific blogging - she, like me, is very proud of you.
    Keep it up gorgeous.

    1. Hey Josephine ,

      I really like to say that you a an roll model especially getting that award 2 times. Well done keep the good work up and all you dreams will come true.

      From Lesieli

  3. Three of you get a big proud thank you from me thank you so much!

  4. Hi Josephine,

    What a lucky girl you are!!!
    You are the number ONE champ for the blogposts.
    You've done 73 already wow your teacher must be teaching you A LOT OF THINGS!!!


    1. Thank you Jordenne for your support!
      My teacher has to me lots of things this year!

  5. Hi Josephine, It's Rave,

    Go congratulations for the most blog posts out of the whole school.
    You are a lucky Girl.

    KEEP IT UP!!!!

    1. Hi rave that was so kind and nice of you!