Monday, July 30, 2012

London Opening Ceremony!

What can be more fun than watching the amazing olympic ceremony in london 2012! , Placed at the olympic stadium in the local venue park!  The Olympic ceremony is what the whole world was waiting for! Lots of fans and people came to contribute and support the athletes which was absolutely amazing. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

As the ceremony started there were dashing and fiery flames just sprinting up the air! My jaws dropped as it went up! I screamed with excitement  while jumping on the couch!  My favorite firework of the ceremony was the 5 interlocking olympic rings!  Who could not have thought that I would have been screaming right now.

The best part of the ceremony was when Mohammed Ali  was holding onto the olympic flag with his wife. It was just a pleasure to see them together on that special day which was tears of joy!  Then mr bean came up and did his acting which was totally funny I laughed my mouth off!

I wish one day the future olympics would be totally enthusiastic!

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