Monday, July 16, 2012

My Wonderful Family Trip:)

Today I went to take a journey at the New Zealand  Museum in the West Auckland of New Zealand for my birthday! I went with my three cousins and my brother and my  sister and my dad, my mum chose not to go but we were okay with that! My story is about taking a trip to West Auckland to Hamilton!

To start off my Saturday I got ready and packed my lunch. For my breakfast I had my eggs and toast and cereal also my chocolate milk! I quickly put on my jumper and shoes and ran quickly to the car! " Hurry up slow pokes" I shouted. "I'm coming "

Then we relaxed back and drove  to the West Auckland. While we were driving I secretly took the bag full of sweets and took a KitKat bar. My cousin saw me taking a bite but then I had to give up and give him one too that way he will not tell! When we were in the car I could only see fighting between my brother and sister and chatting between my cousins and relaxing between my dad! I actually was ambushed that this would happen! We had a stop and had our lunch! I zipped opened my bag and had my lunch! Then we had our little nap!

"Just a few more minutes till we get there" Said my dad! We were so happy to have him say that! While there was a few minutes! My cousins and I played I dear you for 3 minutes! The most worst dear I got was to open the window and say I LOVE DRAKE!  My cousins were laughing their socks off! Yay! We made it to the West Auckland New Zealand  Museum ! 

TO  BE CONTINUED......                                                   

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