Friday, June 29, 2012

Term 2 Art Reflection:)


I have learnt how to understand the story of books. Mostly I have improved my understanding of exciting books and quality books too. I have not done so well with my tasks because I rush a lot. Next Term I need to go slowly and get ideas thinking slowly in my head.


I have learnt how to write a awesome conclusion. This Term I have done well with my introduction and my paragraphs and conclusion.This Term I have not done well with my punctuation. But Next Term I need to Practice my punctuation and find exciting ideas from a quality book.


This Term for maths I have learnt my decades and Tidy Tens. I have mostly improved my Tidy Tens.Ruling up my book and getting confused with what sheet I’m supposed to be on was frustrating. I need to improve listening to the teacher properly and go carefully and rule up my book next term


I have done recording and making lots of movies and animations. I have done tracing and inverting colors on multimedia .This term I am having trouble Not finishing of some of my work
.Next term I would want to Finish it off properly on multimedia.

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