Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PES Fine Art Gallery:)

While being inspired by fine art I looked around me and pondered the fine art, I stared at the work of art that has been done neatly. My class went to the exhibition art gallery at our school we were so thrilled to see these fine art inspired by lots of cool artists.

While waiting outside I tried to peek at the back so I can see what it was like. Miss Ouano gave us an instruction to not touch the paintings. Well I agreed to that instruction. She lead us to the fine art gallery. Room 14 entered the awsome art place and was fascinated by all these cool and awesome art works.We saw some glittery art, life art, cultural and more!

Room 14 and Miss Ouano pondered the fine art and thought they were cool and special. Some of us tried to find out how do they did it? We were so lucky there was a computer showing us how they did it. Lots of us were stunned by these kinds of art! My favorite art was the life art by are year 7 & 8 class, They said what their favorite place was and chose an artist that they could try and do to draw their favorite place!

I have been taking a journey through these kind of art. I love to come here so much now and I wish I could visit this gallery two times a day because this gallery has given me ideas for when I draw something with life! I wish I could go back to the gallery now! I would recommend this gall to the all the people because I know they would be stunned by this art!

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