Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Art Alive!!!

Today we did our pop art draft it felt very, very spectacular and amazing because it we had added lots of cool epic colors to make it stand out! Our  Teacher had planned this very fun activity for us so we can practice and learn to invert colors before having to paint or screen print our work!

Once I started the piece of artwork I felt really excited about finishing it off! I tried to go over it softly and calmly so I don't have to make it messy at all.  I felt so nervous before I started because I thought I was going to make a mistake but I really tried not to! I realised that mostly I did not have to worry about my work.

I have really been inspired by my work of art even though it has mistakes but still I am proud of my work this great task was set by a great teacher Miss Ouano:)

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