Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art Reflection 2 Room 14

Filled with anticipation we  were so excited to work with Miss Ouano for our special Andy Warhol art!
We have been waiting for this very fun moment! Our story is about discovering our Andy Warhol Pop Art!

Before we started our art, Miss Ouano told us how to start with our paint brushes. Our task with our paint brushes were trying to make the colors not to watery and not to dry but just the right amount! If it is to much watery we may have to be careful with not dabbing to much water! Room 14 got onto their jobs and started lightly and neatly some people made mistakes but they had perseverance to strive to succeed!

While getting on with our work we had mistakes but we remembered how to do our perseverance! Miss Ouano was quite happy with our work we were too. Some of our friends helped us do our work! This task was simple and easy! We tried carefully to choose the right inverted colors! We mostly have been focusing on our paint brush task! When we were finished we were so happy and could not wait for it to be dangling from the sealing

This experience of inverting colors has helped my class do these simple and complicated things! We can not wait to see lots of people being inspired by our work at the Point England art gallery! because if you live in Auckland ,New Zealand you will see our art.  yup! just look upon you and you will see dangling nice and cool art made from room 14 and inspired by Andy Warhol and mostly Miss Ouano!

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