Monday, June 25, 2012


Filled with anticipation half of team 4 went to experience a day at the one and only Youth Town!  Team 4  had been waiting for this moment to happen, when we were little we took a journey through art and success, I wonder if I still remember the last time and the first time I went to Youth Town! There is so MUCH to tell in my story.  My paragraphs are about my trip to youth town!

When I entered the Youth Town door I started to get some things straight I started to remember those days at youth town when I was in Miss She’s class and Miss Va’afusuaga’s class also my first teacher Miss Squires! Our teacher Miss Ouano leaded us to a comforting and warm room! half of room 17 and quarter of room 13 came last! We gasped as we saw Sue and Jorja come by we were so, so, so excited to take a journey with them  again!   Room 14’s first task on the trip was to make clay first while room 17 and quarter of room 13 went to go chill! “ YAAAAAAAAAY” room   14 cried out! “we’re going to make clay 1st!

We entered the clay room and saw some strange things lying around! My group sat down at the grey table- we picked up the pencils   and asked the teacher what their for, “hold on, i’m going to tell you in a minute” whispered Yvette.   She told us our instructions one of them were make the clay into the rim then create your success! But first we had to plan our ideas with a pencil and paper “oooh so that’s what it’s for  I said in my  head! We picked up our pencils and started to plan. Everyone around me had great ideas while my idea was to do a simple heart!  Yvette helped me while I was doing my work. Once I was done I sprinkled some safe glass on my clay and then added blue and red pebbles on my work of art! I was amazed by the little shine of my glass I sprinkled on my work, I think I did so well!

Then we gave a big thank you to Sue and Jorja it was so fun with them! Miss ouano leaded us back to the room.  We started to lay back and eat our lunch, I was so excited to go to the pools! I grabbed my sweet  chilli chicken roll and ate quietly! “ We have an announcement” Miss Ouano said! Room 14 get quickly changed in the bathroom and the rest quietly go to the clay room!

The girls quickly got into their swimming togs! Finally we met at the pools with the rest of my class! Miss Ouano told us our instruction to not go to the deep end and to stay on the shallow part of the pool! We danced, we flipped , we got crazy in the pool!

I have had a journey through youth town and success and great teamwork we had so many love and care at youth town ! We are thinking of going back to youth town! THANKYOU YOUTH TOWN!

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