Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learning In Room 14:)

Learning in room 14 can be fun, exciting, and chilled. But what I mostly think is smart people learning! This term our topic is Art alive we have been doing so much fun learning about our inspiration Andy Warhol. Miss Ouano our teacher has been learning about Andy Warhol to tell us what he was like!

We have been taking wonderful trips and wonderful tasks at school! Our class attends music with Mr Jacobson and Mrs Tele'a ! As a class our students in room 14 have learnt how to be nice and how to co-operate to each and one another! Since we have had our net books our intelligence has gone above and beyond! We have had people from around the world to hop on our blog and see what it was like when we have had  netbooks!

Our class has been taking a hole lot of journeys through new success! We have been learning new things with Miss Ouano because she is a  intelligent teacher!

I think this class needs some learning rest! Because we work hard and play hard with all our heart an with our teacher because we know we can do it together forever!

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