Thursday, November 28, 2013

List for next year!

List for Year 7 things:

Having to participate some school activities
Looking after others  
Taking responsibility for my work
Always being positive about things
Never forgets anything
Always on time
Does things quickly
Getting High Marks
Being the best I can
Never misses anything
Not usually absent
Wearing it with pride
Wanting to be a really good drawer
Adding detail to work ( always )
Leading really well!

Kawau Island Presentation!

Here is a mini presentation I have been working on about Kawau Island!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Camp Bentzon Day One # Take A Hike! # Early Birds

I woke up to a loud approaching noise coming among my ears. Suddenly I felt a quick breeze running down my spine, it was  cold. I tried opening my eyes, forcing them to open widely. I sat bolt up bright looking at the time ' 5:51 ' still time to get ready for camp. I cleaned up my bed and went to get ready. ' '6:35' , I turned on the computer , I shunned the computer light as it was shining against my eyes. I thought I didn't have enough time for the computer so I quickly went to school, with my day pack. I peeped through the school hall , only to see a crowd of campers. " Drink Bottles! " Chanted Ms Garden as I was chatting my friends. At that, something came in my mind. I forgot my bottle. " Go run and get it from home! " Shouted my friends. With  legs lazy as a sloth, I tried my best to run quickly to home. There, I spotted the bakery that was open. I fastened my pace and bought a water bottle. Making it back to school with destination, I saw more and more people arriving. 

To be continued . . . . .

Monday, November 18, 2013


Here we made a movie about Maui and his journey of finding north of aoteroa. I have worked with Marilyn on this task. Marilyn wrote it, and I helped her write and I am the voiceover! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kawau Island

Next Week, the Yr 6 students of Point England school will be having the chance to go to Kawau Island , and the fun thing is there will be range of cool activities set up for us! We are going to do such activities like Raft Making, Kayaking,  Rock Climbing, Assembling and even doing the Burma Trail. We are going to depart on the fairy from sandspit and destine in the north cove!  I especially am eager to see the Native Birds such as, Tuis, Oystercatcher, Wekas and more. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Unspoken Creature

In an unfamiliar land , where you’ve never been before, a secret is unspoken. Many tourist try finding out what the secret it is , but no evidence has been shown.  On a cold windy morning , a journalist named Nikolai was about to go on an adventure to unleash the secrets of this land. He was very smart , indeed he loved to ride bulls , and kill Animals. Nikolai is very weird human! The sea glistened to the morning sun as he sailed to the land. It was very beautiful. Tree’s as long as a tower and grass thats greener than ever. He was speechless. Nikolai jumped off the boat and gazed at the lovely nature. “ Wow, this is just j-j-just paradise! “ He said as he jumped around the forest. Out of sight , he spotted a door! Old and really rusty, ugh , something you can’t see mostly everyday. “ I am a journalist, and I should be tough enough to open that door! “ He confirmed as he stomped on the front door steps.

He opened the door as it made croaky noises . “ H-h-h-hello? “ He said silently. Nikolai wasn’t really fascinated by the house. It had old cracked photo frames and dusty bookshelves and the floor was crowded by spiders. “ What are you doing h-h-here? “ Suddenly a voice was heard. Nikolai turned around, he reached for the door , but it was already locked. He felt shivers coming up his spine, he sat down listening to the whisper saying all sorts of things like: “ What’s your name?” “ Why are you here? “ It was getting on his nerves. Slowly , he stood up quietly , still not having a notice of who was speaking. He went upstairs and saw lots of wheelchairs and skeletons. Not usually something you see everyday.   “ Go back down! “ The whisper cried. Unexpectedly a large drawer stumbled down the stairs as it was chasing after Nikolai .

Nikolai breathed heavily in relief. He got his notebook and wrote down some notes of what was happening. “ Who are you? “ Nikolai questioned. Without a sound .  . .  a unfamiliar creature had come out . It was stunning , it had long wavy hair , green skin and purple lips . Suddenly Nikolai fell into a deep . . . sleep. Nikolai sat bolt up bright , wondering where the creature had went. Nikolai was still locked in the house. He cried for a bit. He was cold and hungry, he reached for his pocket , only to find a little crumbs of biscuit. Nikolai was hopeless! “ Help! Anybody! Whisper? Speak again! Tell me how to find a way out! “ He begged. Nikolai , wiped away his tears and tried cracking the windows. It was a fail. The windows were impossible to break.

Nikolai suddenly heard tea cups clattering. “ Huh? “ He wondered who was making that sound, he looked around still scared and hungry. “ Here . . . “ the creature came back , still beautiful. She handed him the cup , very carefully. “ This will keep you hungry and thirsty no more! “ She continued as she sat down along with him. She gazed , at his eyes , very sad.  She felt sorry for him. Nikolai drank the tea sip by sip. “ I need to get out of here! “ Nikolai cried. The lady planted her hands on the handle of the cup . Nikolai saw that she grew tears in her eyes. Nikolai soon found out