Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Unspoken Creature

In an unfamiliar land , where you’ve never been before, a secret is unspoken. Many tourist try finding out what the secret it is , but no evidence has been shown.  On a cold windy morning , a journalist named Nikolai was about to go on an adventure to unleash the secrets of this land. He was very smart , indeed he loved to ride bulls , and kill Animals. Nikolai is very weird human! The sea glistened to the morning sun as he sailed to the land. It was very beautiful. Tree’s as long as a tower and grass thats greener than ever. He was speechless. Nikolai jumped off the boat and gazed at the lovely nature. “ Wow, this is just j-j-just paradise! “ He said as he jumped around the forest. Out of sight , he spotted a door! Old and really rusty, ugh , something you can’t see mostly everyday. “ I am a journalist, and I should be tough enough to open that door! “ He confirmed as he stomped on the front door steps.

He opened the door as it made croaky noises . “ H-h-h-hello? “ He said silently. Nikolai wasn’t really fascinated by the house. It had old cracked photo frames and dusty bookshelves and the floor was crowded by spiders. “ What are you doing h-h-here? “ Suddenly a voice was heard. Nikolai turned around, he reached for the door , but it was already locked. He felt shivers coming up his spine, he sat down listening to the whisper saying all sorts of things like: “ What’s your name?” “ Why are you here? “ It was getting on his nerves. Slowly , he stood up quietly , still not having a notice of who was speaking. He went upstairs and saw lots of wheelchairs and skeletons. Not usually something you see everyday.   “ Go back down! “ The whisper cried. Unexpectedly a large drawer stumbled down the stairs as it was chasing after Nikolai .

Nikolai breathed heavily in relief. He got his notebook and wrote down some notes of what was happening. “ Who are you? “ Nikolai questioned. Without a sound .  . .  a unfamiliar creature had come out . It was stunning , it had long wavy hair , green skin and purple lips . Suddenly Nikolai fell into a deep . . . sleep. Nikolai sat bolt up bright , wondering where the creature had went. Nikolai was still locked in the house. He cried for a bit. He was cold and hungry, he reached for his pocket , only to find a little crumbs of biscuit. Nikolai was hopeless! “ Help! Anybody! Whisper? Speak again! Tell me how to find a way out! “ He begged. Nikolai , wiped away his tears and tried cracking the windows. It was a fail. The windows were impossible to break.

Nikolai suddenly heard tea cups clattering. “ Huh? “ He wondered who was making that sound, he looked around still scared and hungry. “ Here . . . “ the creature came back , still beautiful. She handed him the cup , very carefully. “ This will keep you hungry and thirsty no more! “ She continued as she sat down along with him. She gazed , at his eyes , very sad.  She felt sorry for him. Nikolai drank the tea sip by sip. “ I need to get out of here! “ Nikolai cried. The lady planted her hands on the handle of the cup . Nikolai saw that she grew tears in her eyes. Nikolai soon found out

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