Friday, October 25, 2013

The Evil Farmer

On a warm foggy morning, a family feast was planned at Kim Tan’s house. Kim Tan thought that corn would be best to put on the table. He went out into the hot sun and went into the shed. With no notice, Oteira was spying on Kim Tan, to see what he was up to. Oteira always had something evil to do in mind. “ Aaah , here it is “  Kim Tan said as he picked up a few small packets of corn seeds. He started digging the mud out and started planting the corn seeds. While watering the plant , Oteira found his way to sneak in and put more seeds in and a tint of potion. Kim Tan finally had his break and had a snooze in the middle of his plants that were growing .

After 10 minutes of sleeping, he gave a loud yawn. He woke up in the middle of nowhere! “ Wha-wha-wha? What happened? “ He looked around confusingly . “Hello!” He gave one big shout , no response. Kim Tan sat down for  a minute and thought about who did this . “ Oteira? No it must not be. But I am mostly thinking . . .. it is him!” Kim Tan knew who it was but not most of the problem was yet solved. Kim Tan grabbed something from the ground he ‘thought’ would be a machete , but as he touched the ground , it was , it was . . . .  gone! How could it be, he must’ve lost it! He was in total rage, he was too jaded of playing games. He looked around searching and searching. No sign. “ Hello! “ He gave one loud shout.   “ Yikes! Woah , calm down mate! “ A very unfamiliar voice was spoken. Kim Tan turned around , and saw a scare crow ‘ speaking ‘ .  “ Yeah, keep your voice down! Hey . . . your Kim Tan, Oteira had always wanted to destroy your farm” Kim Tan was very curious about this . “ I used to be her best friend, until she wanted to be alone and she cast a spell on me” The crow continued.

“ I knew it ! She was always suspicious about things that are related to my farm! “ Kim Tan claimed.
“ How do I find my way out of here?” He questioned the scare crow. He turned around and the crow was gone. “ Hello?” Kim Tan said. Kim Tan thought he was a trick. Suddenly, he heard little murmuring from the back. Until he saw . . . the weepers! Kim Tan gave one loud gasp, he saw that they were taping the  scare crows mouth, because they thought that he would tell Kim Tan.  Kim Tan found his machete beside him all tangled up in a plant. He grabbed it and shooed the weepers away. “ Please tell me how to get rid of this! Please” Kim Tan begged to the scare crow. “ Underneath the soil is a glowing root, you will need to cut it “ The scare crow explained. “And it will also make me go back to human again! “ He continued.

Kim Tan followed the instructions and their vision went black and they could see some flashes shining. Then it went back to normal and everything came back again. Also the corn’s were ready. Oteira saw what happened and was furious. Kim Tan called him on the cops and they arrested him. “ Want to join us for dinner?” asked Kim Tan. “ Sure “ said Jack ( The scare crow) It was a lovely dinner. “ Eat the corn!” Said Kim Tan , Jack gave one bite . “ It tastes much better than Oteira” “ Well you always got to expect the unexpected “ And then they lived happily after.  


  1. Josphine-

    Such an intriguing, magical story. It is great to have a fun, adventurous imagination and be able to write your stories down. Keep up the good work!

    -Hilliary Sanders
    Student, EDM 310
    University of South Alabama