Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Healthy Breakfast Ideas! #1

School Holidays has begun. It is the first week. Besides that, I wanted to make a post on Healthy Breakfast Ideas to keep your brain on the run and on the go! So instead of making boring cereals and milk , you will need to turn it up.

1. Put your Waffles in the Toaster to make it yummy golden Brown! 

2. Take it out and grab any spreading you want like , Butter, Jam , Nuttella,  Peanut Butter and any kind , but spread it out on your waffle.

3. Add some little fruits on top or anything you want to add some flavour.

1. Get a packet of Noodles and put it in to a pot, heat it to medium heat and add water.

2. When the noodle starts boiling up with bubbles,  add the flavour into it and start mixing and put on low heat for a few seconds to cool.

3. Turn off the heat  and get a sifter and pour the noodles into it , on top of the sink to avoid any messy water leaking. 

4. Then put it in the bowl. Psssttt! The more drier the more better!

                                                              Chocolate Banana Smoothie
1. Put some chopped Banana's in a tin foil and put it in the fridge OVERNIGHT 

2. Once it gets to morning put some 4th of a cup of cold Vanilla Yogurt

3. Add in some frozen chopped Banana's and add in a few cups of Chocolate milk. 

4. For extra's add in some berries and little fruits

                                                         French Toast!

1. Get a couple of eggs and crack it into a bowl

2. Mix it all together

3. Get some bread and dip it in to the mixture and then put it into a buttered pan!

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