Friday, October 11, 2013

Understanding Road Safety

In the mornings you may be familiar with a big orange neon lollipop. Also kids wearing the same coloured vest as the lollipop. " Patrol's"  or  "Patrolers " are the name of it. They take part in keeping children and adults safe and sound. Each year some kids volunteer to take part in the crossing patrol for their school. It is an important part of the school and community. I have been doing patrols for a year and a half now, and it is good to know that the children are safe. Each morning the patrolers have to get going to school before 8 o 'clock , I find it as disaster but know what my job is and how it is done.

Not just the lollipops , but the big traffic buttons . These buttons cost a lot of pounds and I'd prefer you use it carefully. The patrolers will be there. When pressing the buttons and in the rush , please don't press them too much because they find it hard to focus on the road. The buttons are not used for kicking or for karate , they are used to press! I hope you understoood the Road Safety!

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