Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hansel And Gretel! Island Style!

Here is a narrative I have previously wrote for an extension task. Our task was to write a known fairytale but to give it an Island/ G. I twist. We had lot's of fun doing this overall. Of course, I chose Hansel And Gretel! But instead I did Leli and Taro! I hope you enjoy!

Leli and Taro, were very obedient  to their mother who was always giving orders to them, their father died from a previous car accident . Ever since, they have been always eating Bunkeke all the time,  each day they will always feel sick because of the oil inside.One day , Leli  overheard his mother and  heard her say that she was abandoning  the kids in the village far far away so they could never find their way back! Leli told Taro but she thought that he was just over acting the whole thing. she told him to just relax. Taro and Leli were sleeping by then , until they heard jandals flapping.  They were frightened! “ Sau, ta wo le night market” The evil stepmother said. She was actually tricking them.
“Ok” replied taro. “Don’t it’s a trick we’re not even going night market eah “ Leli said.
“If you guys DON’T come I will put you to sleep in the garden. “ Interrupted the mum. She pulled their shirts up and went down into the forest. Taro sobbed bitterly. She was jaded of living with her mother only wishing her dad came back. Their mother murmured an excuse and then took off laughing evily. “ I should’ve trusted you!” Taro said. “Shh” “Whaat?” “Shhh, look at that house” They now saw a corned beef house with the knob covered in corn beef juice. “We have not had this since dad went” declared Taro. “i know , it was the most precious thing that we ate.

“ They went inside the house and started eating the plasters of the wall, the table , the spoons and even the chair. When Leli was about to eat the door , the door creaked open and an ill- fated Witch appeared. She had a greasy mole on her head and had acene all over her face. “ Well , well , well , who are these little grease tooth children?”  The Witch was reaching for something suspicious on the beef book shelf. “ You must try this delicious golden corn beef “ she continued. Slam! A cage unexpectedly trapped them. “ Mwahahahhahahah! Welcome to my trap, where I keep all the kids to mix them and roast them. She pointed to two familiar pig heads. “ You see that? that was Hansel and Gretel , not anymore they are piggy and tiggy “ She explained.

The Witch grabbed Leli’s head and started sniffing all over it. “ AHA! I knew you would be delicious! “ She hauled him outside of the trap. “ You my lady , are going to be my cleaning maid, thats right! clean up all the grease and turn it into a candy house for my next meal to come in, start with the sweeping! “  She demanded.  Taro grabbed a broom, while doing that she looked carefully at what the witch was going to do to her brother. She saw the witch tieing him up and placing an apple in his mouth. With unexpectation Taro pulled Leli back and gave one big powerful thrust to the witch and into the oven.

Taro untied him and got rid of the apple. “ Thank you! “ Said Leli . “ It’s alright , i’m sorry i did-” Taro was cut off by a pile of yummy piled food. It was stacked up from floor to ceiling , “ This is what she probably uses to track down kids ! right?” asked Leli. They went back and forth taking piles of food to their house and guess what? They found out that their mother has been arrested for Child Cruelty. And so they lived happily ever after!

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