Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Style It Up! #1

Since the holidays has started I decided to be a little naughty and post about , different styles you can wear in 2 main seasons. I have created these little collages from polyvore, which is a shop online- site and also a creative site. So I hope you enjoy reading this post!


Usually in winter Christmas is celebrated. So get ready for the Snow Flakes and the romantic dates! I am focusing on 2 styles. On the first one , I focused on patterns and details. So I decided to add in some patterned sweatshirts and leggings also I added a jacket with some fur to add detail. Pssst! Don't be afraid to smack on some chap sticks and mascara. Chap sticks are good for keeping your lips moist in the winter. With the hair , I've chosen to do a straight on top and little curls down bottom for a classic look. I did a nude colour for the nails because I thought it looked best! Winter can't stop you from wearing dresses. So for my second look , I focused on bold black. So I put in some wedges and a black dress. The trench gives the look more style in my opinion. 


The summer can be REALLY hot. It's also the time that people slap on some sun screen! On the first look I focused on 'pastel' colours because I thought it was a fun colour for the summer. I accesorised the outfit with a nice gold necklace to bring summer detail. I also put in some Keds which are great for all seasons. You don't want to add too much make up just add a fuchsia pink lipstick and a winged eye liner for the extra cat look! 

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