Thursday, March 28, 2013

Visiting Grandpa's place:)

I  haven't seen my grandpa since a while, and my Dad thougth it was a good Idea to visit him! When we went there we saw my aunty Ana Falefa who was baking yummy Easter cupcakes! Luckily we came in-time for the yummy cupcakes! My Dad and my Grandpa didn't eat some because they don't eat it. All though it was a great time with my cousins Adrienne, Nivannah and Vonyae:)   Thanks Aunty Ana for the yummy cupcak-es and Harmony , Nivannah and Vonyae! Some photos from our visit:))

Omaru Creek Testing!

Over the past days , my literacy class has been investigating the streams, Pond and colvert and we hae found out so many things!

 photo IMG_0459.jpg photo IMG_0465.jpg

 photo IMG_0467.jpg

Testing Omaru Creek for -

I am going to find out:  The turbidity of the water also what are differences between the colour.

I am going to test this by: By dipping a plain white sheet into the water to try and see the differences between the colour. I am also going to test the turbidity by putting the water into the jar and try and focusing on the water.

Resources and equipment: four Jars & a Bucket & a 4  White clean sheets.

I predict that: That  the sea water would be the most “turbid” because you can hardly see the salt!

I think this because:

Sea water
Smelly, Salty & most of all .... Dead fish.
Salty , Fishes, Clay & Sand!
Tap water
Fresh & Clear!
Fresh & clear also like a clean stream.
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Yucky & would smell like Gas!
Gas, Oxygen weed and garbage.
Omaru Creek water by bridge
Oxygen weed , catfishes & tadpoles.
Oxygen weed, catfishes and tadpoles, also  rotten plants.

My conclusion (what I found out): Investigating the smell I found out that  “ducks eat the oxygen weed all though it still smells like it!

I predict that: The colvert water would

I think this because:

Sea water
clear and see through!
Clear but a  tint of murky grey!
Tap water
Clean ,Clear & reflecting!                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Reflecting & cLEAR
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Black and Grey!
Murky grey and green!
Omaru Creek water by bridge
MUrky and a tint of green!
Pale lemonade and tint of grey.
My conclusion (what I found out):I found out that each day the water changes!


Sea water
I thought it was grey
It was actually clear!
Tap water
I think it goign to be clen
acutally it was CLean and clear
Omaru Creek water by culvert
Foggy and a tint of murky grey!
In reality it was “clear:”
Omaru Creek water by bridge
I thought it was velvet green.
It turned out to be really blurry!

My conclusion (what I found out): I found out that sometimes the turbidity changes.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Equal Addition

apart from 'Conpensation' I have been learning about Equal-Addition previously and so far. . . I love it! I know you hear the word Equal "addition" but 'recently' people have been saying that this strategy is only used for "subtraction" I hope you have learnt something new from this video!  Also leave a comment on this post:)

Conpensation Strategy

I have been learning about a 'new' strategy called Conpensation! It is only for addtion! I have learnt so much and my rating out of this maths strategy is a 10/10.

Edgewater Culture Festival 2013

Korean, Samoan, Tongan what else? The Edgewater college had a very amazing festival! They performed on a stage held 'outside' the school which was very cool. I went with my mum and dad also my auntie. We watched the 'Polyfest' Niuean group perform and my sister was performing, which was very cool! My brother performed for the Tongan boys and the Samoan item, he did it very well.

The food was very scrumptious we had, chinese food and indian food also tongan otai. While walking past the tents I went past my friend, 'Sela'  and she was selling the Otai. It was really yummy! My favorite item was the cook-island item , they had a lot of confidence! It was only girls. At the end , each girl had to grab a partner from the big crowd and do the hula with them, it looked challenging. If you have a brother/sister in edgewater it'll be best if you go there! I have made this animation  image on 

Friday, March 22, 2013


Congrats to me I finaly made it to the next level! Well done me, I am very proud of myself. I have been working hard on trying to get to another level. . . and I made it! My Result.... 

Math Whizz Catch Up

 I am learning about measures! I am doing very well at it. I am learning to know what the weight of things are. For example: A baby weighs 2 KG I must put the arrow on to the right number!  Here is my result from today. . . . 

Xtra Math

So far, I'm loving Xtra Math! I am very impressed with all the hard work that I have been doing in Xtra math. It helps  me to get better at addition and subtraction and more! Good luck for the next session!
This is my result from today....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

About Me

Hello for those who don't know me, I'm Josephine Falefa. I am a student in room 16 and my teacher is Mr. Somerville (Mr. S) I love to hang out with my friends at school! My subjects are Literacy, reading and maths. I am pleased to call myself a year 6. I really totally LOOOVEEE listening to music, especially to different kinds of bands! Such as 2NE1, Lylas , Little Mix, One Direction and Macklemore! My hobbies are playing sports also blogging!

I am known as the youngest out of 2! I have a brother named Uoka and sister name Tiulipe. My nationality is Samoan/Tongan. I would love to go to London. I am an Ambassador for my school and so far I LOVE IT! My favorite celebrity would have to be .. Jade Thirlwall! My favorite movie is Pitch Perfect. I love watching MTV. @ school , I like to blog and make movies!

Kayaking @ Camp

On the 2nd day of camp 'the band' went to do some special kayaking! After the game of get lost, my team gathered around Mr. Somerville to hear what's next. " Our next session is kayaking, so get change into your togs and get your  hat also put your towel in your day bag!" said Mr. S I raced to my tent with my tent mates and I got there first! After that we sprinted to Mr. Somerville!

When we got to the Point England Beach  we spotted Mr. Burt! He looked sooo excited. We sat down on the grass for a few rules ! The band walked down the stairs and sat down on the sand. His team of year 8 helpers told us how to use that paddler of the boat.

Lucky me, I got to go first! Quasia and I hopped into that kayak. While kayaking we were floating on our waka very well and we nailed it! After kayaking with Quasia , I had the chance to go onto the engine boat with Mr. S! Lucy and I jumped into the engine boat.

Mr. Somerville started very slow , "Go faster!" I said. "No, we need to go slow!" He replied. Lucy looked pretty upset. Next thing you know 'ROOOOOOOOAAAAMMM' went the engine boat. I was really surprised that I almost fell out of the boat. As we were on the engine boat , Mr. S would drive past their kayak and made a big wave against them! It was hallarious!

It was a very cool and awesome also fun and wonderful session! photo IMG_1386.jpg photo IMG_1384.jpg

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ambassador's speech!

The ambassadors did a very great job this week! and I am very impressed with all the confidence and concentration in their speech. On Tuesday we spoke to principals and some teachers all over New Zealand. It was a great session with those people , because there were lot's of huge smiles!

Today we spoke to the Christchurch principals  and while speaking , the ambassador's were really onto it. 


The worse part of sleeping is when your having a good dreams, but you end up waking up! Someday I want to be three things! Those things are acting, singing and being an ambassador for New Zealand! It's all in one huge bunch. It's very hard to choose from! But first before those doing those things  , I must attend and finish school first! Who knows? I might be standing on stage singing or being on red carpet for a movie or on the news for talking to the queen! Well instead of dreaming I imagine!: Legal Image!

Easter Day!

Easter day is coming soon and I hope you've got all your plans ready! As for me, I'm getting my taste buds  ready for some special chocolate. Easter day has to be one of my favourite celebrations in the year! I especially love how there's a special treasure hunt called the egg hunt! Really! I know this post maybe a little early, its just that I'm very eager trying those special eggs!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Concert Night! - Camp 2013

Over the past days 'the band' have been working hard on their moves for the latest song 'give you heart a break' On the 2nd night of camp the band was setting the stage on fire , with their ultra dance moves. The leaders (Lee and I) were discussing with the band how we could work it out! Finally we found some moves. Be sure to leave some feedback on what you think about our concert dance!  HOPE YOU ENJOY!
The Band from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tent Sleeping!

While getting ready to sleep in a tent , I tentatively opened up the packet of lollies and chewed it slowly , the teacher took no notice. After eating , I got very tired and started to play with my torch. Suddenly . . . . . . . “ Turn of your torch or else you’ll be sleeping in the ‘staff room’!” I immediately switched of my torch. Carefully I got into my sleeping bag. Unexpectedly it was really hot and I continued sleeping without any blanket.

 photo IMG_0523.jpg

Connecting as one!

Sharing and connecting is an important part of learning! Some 'adults' connect their life onto the social media. But, for young students like me,  we connect our 'learning' online. It's fun and simple! I love to share the things that I have been learning over the past days. You might be thinking, 'but how do young students in your school connect and share?' That's easy! We have netbooks! Our netbooks allow us to access out learning online,

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Now, we are in the 2nd day of camp and everybody is really enjoying it! Today we played a physical game called ‘get lost’ that is compared to the ‘amazing race’ but more safe.  Then we went to Mr. Burt and enjoyed some kayaking! After that we had really yummy lunch. This morning we had cereal and toast also calcium milk.

Yesterday we did some baking and the girls in my team made afghan cookies. The others were burnt, but my one turned out fine! We had the chance to do some rollerblading, ping-pong and basketball shots. At night we had a ‘movie night’ and we watched ‘mr. popper's penguins and it was hilarious!
 photo IMG_0552.jpg

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cupcake Stall!

Last week on Thursday and Friday, I had the chance  to sell cupcakes! We actually worked hard on selling the desserts! My friends and I had the job to work hard fundraising the cupcakes. The money was supposed to go towards our Hawaiian costume for Fiafia.

At 10:40 Lesieli and I had sprinted all the way to Mrs. Eadie's class! "You've made it" she said. "All I need you to do is take care of my class" . While taking care of her class , the hawaiian girls got everything sorted. "We're here to take care of the class" Christian and Nikki said unexpectedly. "OK" I replied with suprise!

Later on we got the desserts and placed them onto to the table! 'RIIIINNNNNGGGG' the bell went. I was in total shock, and saw some people running towards us already! "What would you like?" I asked. "The flower one please!" She replied.

A few sales on,..... there were leftovers and my friends and I got to have some. It was so delicious. Later on we started to clean up the tux shop..... selling cupcakes was one of the experiences I've had this year. At the end we had fundraised over 200 dollars! How great is that?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Camp 2013!

This year the year 5/6's are going to camp this Wednesday! And we sure have a lot to do! I am very lucky to be a camp leader of a group called 'The Band' and my group is very lucky because we have Mr. S. I am very excited for 'Third' day because we get to go to Mangere Pools.
Sleeping in tents are going to be the best part! Literally! I am very looking forward to dinner!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cupcake Stall!

Come to Miss Ouano's cupcake stall and buy a yummy dessert for just a gold coin! There will be lots of yummy treats waiting for you. I'm sure it will cream up your day! We  hope you can make it. This will be held at the breeze @ morning tea! 

"My teacher" : New!

My teacher is Mr. Somerville. He was born in New Zealand. Mr. Somerville has black little curls on his hair. He loves wearing his sandals to school each day.  His favourite brand is quicksilver because he wears it a lot!

He has a son named Ashton Somerville  and wife named Divia Somerville!

Mr. somerville likes to make people laugh a lot. He can be weird at times though!

Mr. somerville is know as my first teacher that is a “man”

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I have friend and her name is Angel. We hang out mostly 'everyday' and we mostly call that 'natural'. Angel and I have been friends since we were six. We actually kind of grew up together! We never-ever had any disappointing moments! The thing that I mostly like  about her is that she is very caring and always cheers me up!

We love to have sleepovers! One time we camped outside of her house. We also had a sleepover inside her house. One time we went to swimming pools and it was 'so' fun! Literally! I mean we had cake, and we went to hydro-slides also we went to the sprinklers. Now that is what I actually call 'fun'.

There is nobody else just like Angel. She is very kind and loving! She is known as my 'best' friend in the world!

About "My Teacher"

“My Teacher” Here is short descriptive writing about my teacher! I don't really know about my teacher though! But I took a quick 'guess'.

I have a teacher and his name is Mr. Somerville. He likes playing sports and likes to make people laugh! He can be weird at times though. He has a son and wife. He doesn’t like people that don’t do their work. He likes lollies and chocolates!

Mr. Somerville would be know as my first teacher that is a “man”

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Mysterious Apple: Edited and Completed!

On a hot summers day, Delilah spent the hours playing in her backyard! “ Time to come inside Delilah” Her mom shouted. “Just a minute!” Delilah said as she grabbed on to the neighbours branch that was poking out onto their fence. Suddenly she spotted a shiny red apple hanging. She grabbed it and investigated its core.  She took a bite and spat it back out. “GROSS, YUCK“ she thought. It tasted like mud mixed with cinnamon!

Unexpectedly  the tree had mysteriously disappeared! Delilah couldn’t believe what she saw. She dashed into the house... but it was too late her family had disappeared too. As she got to her room her bed had been gone, also everything else!

Delilah stood in crazy silence. She couldn’t blink at all. ‘’ ANYBODY!” She shouted. Delilah was lonely she had tears streaming down her face. “Help please” She said. Delilah had tried to find out ‘why did everything go?’ she thought. “THE APPLE”

Delilah couldn’t help herself . but take one more bite of the apple! She sprinted to the apple and paused and thought of how ‘gross’ it’ll be. But thinking of her family made her! Delilah took a very large bite and chewed and chewed. Finally she swallowed it. Delilah closed her eyes for 5 seconds. She smoothly opened it her eyes and ‘luckily’ everything was back. “Time to come inside” her mom said. “I’m coming!” she replied with a grin. Delilah had spent the year ‘not’ eating any more apples!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Pohutakawa Tree!

Pohutakawa Tree By Lesieli And Josephine. from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This movie is based on the Pohutakawa tree and what the tree features. We have worked really hard on this movie and we hope you enjoy it. We had made this in a long amount of time but we managed to get it done!

The Mysterious Apple!

In a long amount of time, I have managed to write my narrative. This is what I wrote! I'm not finished yet!

On a hot summers day, Delilah had played in her backyard! “ Time to come inside Delilah” Her mom shouted. “Just a minute!” Delilah said as she grabbed on to the neighbours branch that was poking out onto their fence. Suddenly she spotted a shiny red apple hanging. She grabbed it and scanned every part of it to see if it was good.  She took a bite and spat it back out. “GROSS, YUCK“ she thought. It tasted like mud mixed with cinnamon!

Unexpectedly  the tree had mysteriously disappeared! Delilah couldn’t believe what she saw. She dashed into the house... but it was too late her family had disappeared too. As she got to her room her bed had been gone, also everything else! Every little furniture and everything else had disappeared!

Delilah stood in crazy silence. She couldn’t blink at all. ‘’ ANYBODY!” She shouted. Delilah was lonely she had tears streaming down her face. “Help please” She said. Delilah had tried to find out ‘why did everything go?’ she thought. “THE APPLE”

Delilah had ran to the apple, she took every bite of it until it was done.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ambassador Journal!

A cup of thinking and a dash of thoughts. . . . . . BAM! Over the past days I have been writing my 'ambassador journal' and have gone successful at it. I know i'm a pro at it. Lately i've been writing about expectations and reality. In the past days I mostly have wrote about practices.

I hope I'll get this journal smoothly done!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lylas!

The Lylas are a true inspiration!
Listening to their music makes me a true fan!
I absolutely love their music and their name.
The song I actually 'adore' is called come back.