Monday, March 4, 2013

The Mysterious Apple!

In a long amount of time, I have managed to write my narrative. This is what I wrote! I'm not finished yet!

On a hot summers day, Delilah had played in her backyard! “ Time to come inside Delilah” Her mom shouted. “Just a minute!” Delilah said as she grabbed on to the neighbours branch that was poking out onto their fence. Suddenly she spotted a shiny red apple hanging. She grabbed it and scanned every part of it to see if it was good.  She took a bite and spat it back out. “GROSS, YUCK“ she thought. It tasted like mud mixed with cinnamon!

Unexpectedly  the tree had mysteriously disappeared! Delilah couldn’t believe what she saw. She dashed into the house... but it was too late her family had disappeared too. As she got to her room her bed had been gone, also everything else! Every little furniture and everything else had disappeared!

Delilah stood in crazy silence. She couldn’t blink at all. ‘’ ANYBODY!” She shouted. Delilah was lonely she had tears streaming down her face. “Help please” She said. Delilah had tried to find out ‘why did everything go?’ she thought. “THE APPLE”

Delilah had ran to the apple, she took every bite of it until it was done.

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