Monday, March 25, 2013

Edgewater Culture Festival 2013

Korean, Samoan, Tongan what else? The Edgewater college had a very amazing festival! They performed on a stage held 'outside' the school which was very cool. I went with my mum and dad also my auntie. We watched the 'Polyfest' Niuean group perform and my sister was performing, which was very cool! My brother performed for the Tongan boys and the Samoan item, he did it very well.

The food was very scrumptious we had, chinese food and indian food also tongan otai. While walking past the tents I went past my friend, 'Sela'  and she was selling the Otai. It was really yummy! My favorite item was the cook-island item , they had a lot of confidence! It was only girls. At the end , each girl had to grab a partner from the big crowd and do the hula with them, it looked challenging. If you have a brother/sister in edgewater it'll be best if you go there! I have made this animation  image on 

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  1. Which group will you be performing in at our Fiafia Josephine?