Thursday, March 14, 2013


Now, we are in the 2nd day of camp and everybody is really enjoying it! Today we played a physical game called ‘get lost’ that is compared to the ‘amazing race’ but more safe.  Then we went to Mr. Burt and enjoyed some kayaking! After that we had really yummy lunch. This morning we had cereal and toast also calcium milk.

Yesterday we did some baking and the girls in my team made afghan cookies. The others were burnt, but my one turned out fine! We had the chance to do some rollerblading, ping-pong and basketball shots. At night we had a ‘movie night’ and we watched ‘mr. popper's penguins and it was hilarious!
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  1. I am pleased to read you are having a wonderful time at camp. Now I hope you are catching up on some rest because you have a big day on Monday.

    See you soon

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Josephine, Me Rave,
    I really enjoyed reading what you have been doing on camp. How did you get to blog on camp?, I only got to comment to other peoples blogs, so your lucky.

    Well Done and Keep Up the Good Work.

    By Rave