Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I have friend and her name is Angel. We hang out mostly 'everyday' and we mostly call that 'natural'. Angel and I have been friends since we were six. We actually kind of grew up together! We never-ever had any disappointing moments! The thing that I mostly like  about her is that she is very caring and always cheers me up!

We love to have sleepovers! One time we camped outside of her house. We also had a sleepover inside her house. One time we went to swimming pools and it was 'so' fun! Literally! I mean we had cake, and we went to hydro-slides also we went to the sprinklers. Now that is what I actually call 'fun'.

There is nobody else just like Angel. She is very kind and loving! She is known as my 'best' friend in the world!


  1. HI Josephine
    Wow you guys sound like great friends but make sure to let someone else read your work before you post cause there is some mistakes but great story keep it up

    1. Thank you chloe!

      Yes, I must check first! But this post was actually a free blogging post!

      But thanks anyway!