Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kayaking @ Camp

On the 2nd day of camp 'the band' went to do some special kayaking! After the game of get lost, my team gathered around Mr. Somerville to hear what's next. " Our next session is kayaking, so get change into your togs and get your  hat also put your towel in your day bag!" said Mr. S I raced to my tent with my tent mates and I got there first! After that we sprinted to Mr. Somerville!

When we got to the Point England Beach  we spotted Mr. Burt! He looked sooo excited. We sat down on the grass for a few rules ! The band walked down the stairs and sat down on the sand. His team of year 8 helpers told us how to use that paddler of the boat.

Lucky me, I got to go first! Quasia and I hopped into that kayak. While kayaking we were floating on our waka very well and we nailed it! After kayaking with Quasia , I had the chance to go onto the engine boat with Mr. S! Lucy and I jumped into the engine boat.

Mr. Somerville started very slow , "Go faster!" I said. "No, we need to go slow!" He replied. Lucy looked pretty upset. Next thing you know 'ROOOOOOOOAAAAMMM' went the engine boat. I was really surprised that I almost fell out of the boat. As we were on the engine boat , Mr. S would drive past their kayak and made a big wave against them! It was hallarious!

It was a very cool and awesome also fun and wonderful session! photo IMG_1386.jpg photo IMG_1384.jpg

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