Thursday, March 28, 2013

Visiting Grandpa's place:)

I  haven't seen my grandpa since a while, and my Dad thougth it was a good Idea to visit him! When we went there we saw my aunty Ana Falefa who was baking yummy Easter cupcakes! Luckily we came in-time for the yummy cupcakes! My Dad and my Grandpa didn't eat some because they don't eat it. All though it was a great time with my cousins Adrienne, Nivannah and Vonyae:)   Thanks Aunty Ana for the yummy cupcak-es and Harmony , Nivannah and Vonyae! Some photos from our visit:))


  1. Ooo Easter Cupcakes! Sounds yummy Josephine :)

  2. Hi Josephine,
    that sound like a really cool day with your cousins eating the easter cupcake, I really like how said you just got there in time for the yummy easter cupcake.

    keep up the great work josephine.

    By Asena

  3. hello josehine toughs cup cakes look so yummy i just want eat it because it looks so cool.