Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What A HUGE Day!

On Friday my cousins & aunties were REALLY busy! We had to catch the Rail Buses all the way to Papakura, because there was a baby shower happening on Saturday . But there was one problem! The rail buses were closed! So my sister decided to call my dad to drive us there. I wasn’t really agreeing with that one because he’s been driving everywhere!  He took us around to give out the invitations and he went to my aunt's house for something important and he took us out for lunch! I felt sorry for my dad because he drove us all the way and the way back! We made it to my nana’s house and she was busy washing the dishes!

“Hi nana” I greeted. “Hello” she replied with a grin. After that we went to my aunt's room and we put down all the presents for the baby! We scattered all the spare invitations onto the bed! After that we actually made a video for fun, I was filming and my hand were really sour because it took ‘so long’.  My dad was about to leave after the video recording. I went down to say goodbye to my dad.

It was getting really dark and I felt a little homesick. But I felt calm the most. For dinner we had sausages , vegetables and mash potatoes! It was yummy. After that we watched a movie called tangled. When the movie finished , we got to eat Churros covered with yummy melted chocolate freshly baked from the night market.  My uncle was a dj , and every time I came he’d always tell me to listen to his remixes. It was natural. He got tired so he turned off the movie player also he left his phone behind! Soonly, I fell into deep, deep sleep.

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