Saturday, April 20, 2013

The lost Watch!

The Lost Watch

By  Phillippa Werry & Alice Bell

Main Characters:
Dad, Henry, Mum , Claudia & simon

@ Class , @ home and inside the car and the field!

Henry didn’t know what to get for dad’s birthday. He kept on thinking and It was hard for him

In the morning of dads birthday mum got dad a watch. Henry was jealous! So he took it away when dad was showering , he said he would use it only for a while!

Mum and Dad have been searching around the house for days! Henry blamed His little sister Claudia. Henry was worried that it was lost

He found the watch inside his school desk under papers and after school mum and dad were driving disappointed. He took it out and placed it on claudia’s hand. Henry’s parents saw it in excitement!


  1. If you are really keen Josephine you could start your podcast script so you are ready to record in week one.

    Have a look on the Tuis page on our class website and copy the two docs in the week 8 activities list.

    Only if you want to of course. You might be to busy blogging.

    1. Thanks Mr Marks,

      I will be ready for next term! I can't wait!