Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's Happening?

Today I went to my aunties house in the morning. It was around 8:30 when I got there. I decided to walk to my aunt's house because I'm playing netball and I need to handle things the right way! When I got there my cousins were watching a scary pg video named 'slender'. I quickly snatched the remote off of my cousin and changed it to a different clip! I put on some music videos.

A few clips later , my aunty came in the living room and asked me if I wanted to go to the shopping center. My other cousins were gone to the movies and there was no one left accept Tracey (cousin) and I. So , we walked to the shopping center. First we  went to the dairy and bought the dinner. When we got to Pak'n'save we got a hole packet of chocolates. Tracey had moro and I hap Picnic. It was yummy. Then we catched the Taxi back home.  (This image is not the one that we went to)

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