Monday, April 29, 2013


Writing is one of my favorite subjects! You get to write about lot's of things:) When I write I imagine things , once I imagine I put my imagination on to the paper. I love that there is lot's of things you can write about. My dislike is nothing. Anybody can write! Come on! Its that simple and good. 


  1. It's fantastic that you enjoy writing so much. I teach Grade 2 (age 7-8) in Canada and my students' favourite thing in writing is when I give them free writing time! It's nice that you have a blog to be able to write and express yourself, I hope that you are able to continue and share your thoughts with the world as you grow older.
    Keep writing!

    1. Thank you Ms. Roddau!

      I really appreciate it! Your students must be very smart and very talented:)