Saturday, April 20, 2013

Burger Kings!

Nothing can defeat the yummy burgers of Burger king! They are really tender and grilled very neatly, it's very delicouse. My sister and my dad went out for dinner at panmures finest Burger king. We ate the $20 dollar combo which involved yummy chicken nuggets! It was kind of weird because there was only three of us and there were 3 burgers and 4 fries and 4 cups. To be honest that was the oddest meal I have ever seen lately.
My dad was not used to eating burger kings, but he enjoyed it because a league was playing on the burger king t.v. Instead of mostly eating he spent most of his time watching. He kept on offering me and my sister his big leftovers. But we took it anyway! What can I say? I hardly get full most of the time. We finished our dinner and5 minutes on my dad was still watching. 2 minutes later we left. . .! It was very yummy , I just wanna go back! 

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