Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mars Bars!

Mars Bars

By Norman Billbrough

Main Characters:
Mars Bar who is the new student that turns out to be a robot. Albert  who doesn’t get use to Mars Bars body features!

Inside class, @ the park, @ the storage room, @ school

Mrs Jane introduced a new student in class, his name was ‘Mars Bars’! He sat next to Albert’s Desk.  Albert found him very funny looking. , He had a nose hose pipe and eyes so wide , they could reach his ears. Why are you wearing a hat @ school Albert asked. “to keep my head warm” Mars replied. “Albert save your talk till play time!” Mrs Jane interuppted. “ We are now do ving our spelling test”                                            

Albert saw that Mars was copying his spelling. @ Play time he grabbed mars arm and felt a heat burning up on his hand, it felt like a sizzling bar.” Ouch” he said. “Why did you copy my spelling in class?” Albert asked. “I  covered it all up that NOBODY could see it , how could you see it?”. Albert said. “I can see EVERYTHING he said.”  

Albert had no lunch so he had to share with mars. He wasn’t quite agreeing with that. One time he raced all around school searching for mars , he couldn’t find him. Then he found him in the storage room with something wierd plugged to his head! He couldn’t believe it. !

Then after school, Albert didn’t get the chance to say goodbye! Instead Mars ran to a weird looking vehicle! “Where are you going?” Albert shouted. “I’m late I need to go to the ships” Mars replied. “What ships?” Albert asked. Mars didn’t reply. Th
en Albert saw a thin pink arm coming out of the vehicle and he saw it wave. It made Alberts day!  

My literacy class have been focusing on reading logs. 

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