Friday, April 19, 2013

Fiafia 2013

Last night was really cool because I got to perform on the outdoor stage! At 5:00 I arrived at school and got me some yummy food like chocolates, cupcakes, muffins and cakes. During half past five Quasia and I thought it would be nice to visit the other Hawaiian girls. Waiting for the bell to ring Quasia and Rave and I had to do a job for Mr. Jacobson. We had to stand on the stage to check the lighting for the items. After that I heard the bell ring, so I ran all the way to my changing room  (room 14) and got started.

A few seconds later , I went to go to get change  and got into my white singlet and 2 green grass skirts! I put on my two lay's on my wrists and from help from Mrs. Kirkwood I had put my lay on my head. Looking at myself in the mirror I noticed that I forgot something but I didn't really know. When I turned back I saw other girls putting on their makeup. So I ran all  the way to Miss Eadie to get my red lipstick on. After applying red lipstick she put on a 24h red lip gloss!

To be continued. . . . 

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