Monday, April 15, 2013

What The. . . ?

Have you ever seen an elephant on a power line? On a cold christmas morning, Jim and Sally could not wait to open up their present! After eating a yummy breakfast , Jim had already sprinted to the Christmas Tree with his bowl still sitting on the breakfast table. Jim opened up his present and he got a scooter, candy, new clothes and a pair of expensive sneakers and a rubber elephant! Sally had a bike, chocolates, accessories and a pair of fresh boots also a little elephant.  “ We should go outside!” Jim suggested. “Yes” Sally replied.

Jim & Sally ran straight out the door but they noticed something really shocking! They were really sad about what they had to see. On the  power line they could see new shoes hanging and they could especially see one of their favorite things ... which was a little elephant. The shoes were getting quite wet and the elephant was turning into an ugly toy! This was bad news.

“ Throw it, you can do it!” Shouted a boy. They turned around and could see who caused the problem. It was a group of mean people. They had a bucket of tiny elephants, and some new shoes. “HEY!” shouted Sally. “WHAT?” said the girl. “ Why are you treating them like that?? they deserve better” Replied  Jim. “ so?” called the bully. “Maybe..... we should take all of this down.” Suggested sally. “We should!” replied the group.

In the afternoon the group of bullies also Jim and Sally, had help from the fireman putting the shoes and tiny elephants. While taking all the things down they started to become really good friends. “Why don’t we put these on our christmas trees?” asked Jim. “Great Idea!” Replied everybody! They spent their christmas hanging the tiny elephants.
I hope you like my photo !

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