Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fiafia Is. . . . Tonight!

Aloha and Hello! Did you know that Fiafia is tonight? Well, I can't wait to get on that stage and rock it. At 4:30 p.m lots of families will come to have some lunch and drinks at 6.00 p.m that is when we start getting changed and start practicing.

Fiafia tonight is the best way to finish of term 1. We get to celebrate with some entertaining items that we have been rehearsing over the past few weeks. I love it. As you all know I am in the hawaiian group! We get to do 'alot' swaying and stepping. It is really awesome. I love how we have three tutors that show a lot of love to us.

I hope that you can come to our Fiafia held outside of our school. Trust me, it is going to be fun, awesome and most of all 'entertaining'. Its always a good thing when we know your there giving us lots of support! Thanks to the staff and Miss M that this whole celebration is happening!

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