Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting Captain For Netball!

Thanks to Mrs. Erasmus & Miss Vaafusuaga , I finally I got chosen to be captain! Which was really surprising. My friend Ana gets to be vice Captain and she is doing well. I love how Ana & I like to hang out during training!

Our first game is next term and we are flowing really well. Thanks to our Coach and Manager, we are getting much better. Todays session was really fun and pumping. We got to learn about Defence and Attack also passing and more. Our team is called the 10Flavahz.

I am in Team 2 and I especially LOVE it. I can't wait to play next term. I have been hearing that we are getting new uniforms which is part of why I am excited! Thanks to Mrs. Erasmus & Miss Va'afusuaga for all the support that is going on!

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