Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Trip To M.I.T

On a calm Friday (April 12th), the Ambassadors were at their own Fiafia practices! Once the clock hit 12: 34 Quasia, Lesieli and I quickly took off our hawaiian lays  and placed it in our  bag neatly, then we ran all the way to our class. Quasia went to grab the rest of the Ambassadors. When we all met up, we quickened our pace and went straight to Mr. Burts office. Mr . Burt guided us to the school van! I sat next to Sela.

When the van started making its way , I started to pray. During our time in the van we sang songs, told jokes and were having a little gossip:) When we made it we were very excited. We made our way out of the van and stood in our line. Mrs. Burt lead us to where we suppose to go. When we got to the room, we looked around and saw people studying or eating. "Would you like some water?" A lady offered us. We replied with a "yes". The ambassadors were so lucky we got to have our drink in the staff room:) 

To be continued. . . .

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