Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to take the kawa of care for your netbook!

Here are some tips to help you survive your netbook life!

Step 1: 

Always stay on the right site during class. Fact: Because you have got to finish things of properly and do the right thing! Or else you'll get caught and it's not nice

Step 2:

Understand how to carry your netbook. You need to hold your netbook with two hands. 'Not' around your neck, 'not' with one hand nor on your head! Come on it's a learning tool! Promise and treat it righteously.

Step 3:

When you are eating 'anything' stay 9 steps away from your netbook, it makes your keyboard disgusting, sticky or even gooey! Also for drinks you need to be 10 steps away from your netbook. Fact: The liquid goes on the hard drive and BAM! your netbook has died!

Step 4:

Keep it safe! When taking your netbook home put it on a safe high shelf where no one will find it. Make sure it does not fall out. Also keep it away from little sisters/brothers because they sometimes break it.

step 5:

Treat it well. Charge it when the battery when it is getting low. Make sure you are not on your netbook too long! Let your netbook sleep a little more than you!

step 6:

In my class this thing has gone absoulutly viral! They keep on typing on their keyboards too hard! That means you are hurting your netbook.. Fact: Your keyboard may break when you are tapping on it too hard. Tap on it softly and smoothly.

Step 7:

If there is something wrong with your netbook, do not press anything yet! Ask a friend if she/he has have had this problem yet. If not ask a teacher. If a teacher does not know ask the netbook experts like Nevyn! They'll know anything!

Last Step:

Love it! Love your netbook with all your learning heart! Take the kawa of care. Promise that you will take care of it. If you follow these steps then you will be on the right track! 


  1. Ha! Great post... only... Nevyn's hardly ever there anymore... (where's he gone?) Who else could you ask?

    Whoa! 107 posts in April! That's like... 3 or 4 posts a day! That's got to be a record!

  2. This is absolutely amazing Josephine! Thank you for the very informative yet entertaining tips on the kawa of care. I will definitely show this to my new year 5's this year.

    Keep up the amazing learning!

    Miss Ouano :)