Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet Me

Hello, I'm Josephine. I love to go to school and I learn. I am in room 16 and I am a year 6. My hobbies are blogging, creating and having fun. My favrite place is hoyts. I love to eat fancy food. I am known as a music lover. My favorite artist is Beyonce and Little mix. I am the youngest out of my family. My favorite celebration is Anzac day. I would have to say that my favorite youtuber is VEVO. When I was born google had been a search engine for ten years. My favortie part of this year is camp because I got to be a leader and we got to do 'lots' of activities.

If I had to be an Animal I would certainly be a puppy because they are cute and bubbly. A subject I love is reading. Did I mention that I love playing netball? Well, I love it because it is phyically fun! 

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