Saturday, April 20, 2013

Carrot Crazy

It was a nice calm day and Rabbit was just having his hot carrot with his favorite mug in his hand.
'hsss, hsss, hsss' heard the Rabbit he plopped back into his home hole. It was a human being! The man built a shelter . "BOOM!" something interuppeted it was a hunter. The hunter layed down his trap which had sharp spikes. The man was very dissapointed so he layed down a carrot under his small  shelter. The hunter wasn't impressed , so he dug up a hole with 'one' punch and BAM came out a giant looking carrot which looked very attractive to the rabbit. So the rabbit was actually focusing on the hunter. "AHA!" The man thought he had a plan! He shook his bag upside down out came a one small carrot, then he took one more shake and them 'ka-pow!' came out 100 carrots. The rabbit was then amazed so he went back down to his hole and then he made another hole that was closer to the man.

" Beep, BEEP, BEEP" came out a truck filled with a million carrots. The rabbit was over the man and went to the hunter. The man quickly made a giant carrot cake. "mmmmm" the rabbit thought so he gracefully swayed to the man's side. The hunter was impressed but very mad so he got a remote and pressed the big red button. A helicopter came and with the rabbits eyes he could see himself eating a hole lot of carrots. There was a really big carrot coming down that was worth 2. million carrots. The man was very very mad so he grabbed a single carrot and threw it to the hunter. The hunter catched it.  He threw it back at the man's nose! 'haha' the hunter giggled. The man turned it into a gun! The hunter came out with a bigger gun. They prepared for war and 'bang' their guns went it was an atmosphere.  While Rabbit layed down on his giant carrot in peace.  Then came a Hawk taking it away! From that the war was 'over'. 

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