Monday, June 30, 2014

Anzac Movie

 Here is a movie I have created on the new IMovie. Last term our task was to create a movie showing what we have learnt from week 3 to the last week! I hope you enjoy my movie!
Josephine Extension Anzac from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 has been one of the greatest terms of the year so far! I have experienced the independence of being a year 7 at Point England School. Through all the mistakes I have previously made, I now learn from them and am ready to move on to the next term. This term has mostly been a ' distraction term' due to on going chatting, too much laughing and lack of on-time work! So far, I have really enjoyed my time at tech in hard materials! Mr Grundy has really helped me a lot with my product! Taking a look at my finishing product I have thought 'wow'! Thank you Mr Grundy! And i'd be soon thanking Mr Pineda! 

On Tuesday, Netball has got to be one of my biggest priorities! Every Tuesday after school the netball team from year 6 - 8 meetup in the hall after school to get ready for netball. This term my netball team have been getting a lot of 4:15 timed netball games, which means we have to stay at school and the teachers will transport us to the courts at AMI. My positions for the year are GD and GK, I am really looking forward to playing GA and GS in Term 3!

Overall term 2 has been a very great term, even though naught boys can get in the way! I am now looking forward to working harder in term 3! :') 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Whizz Education

Whizz Education is a site for kids to improve their maths! I have been using Maths Whizz since being a Year 4 and right now I am a Year 7. For Maths Whizz there has been ups and down during tutor sessions on Maths Whizz. If you have been failing your tutor tasks, you can go on console and replay the task over and over until you know your at the right stage. The most tutor tasks that you should beware of is Tests. Tests give you questions you have learnt from the previous lessons, if you get all the questions right ( or at least 3 out of 5 ) Maths Whizz will take you to another higher stage. Right now, I am mastering Word Problems on Maths Whizz and so far I am really enjoying it :) I also think this is great because if your not seeing your teacher as a group maths whizz can be a substitute to educate you!

 ---------- ( This is a lesson task that you learn from before going on a test! )



Echolocation is also a bio sonar for seven kinds of Animals. It is when animals like Bats locate objects that are around them or near them. Underwater animals use echolocation, their soundwaves go through water. Bats sound waves go through the air just like humans. Lots of Animals use Echolocation to catch their prey or obstacles when its dark.

Bats use echolocation when they give out sound waves either using their mouth or nose. When the sound waves hit an object their sound waves reflect back to them. At that, the bats know what or where it is. They know the size, sound and shape and texture of the object.  Even a tiny insect just from its echo!

Ben Underwood is  the only man standing who can see without eyes! What’s really crazy is, Ben can skate, shoot hoops and play playstation. I know this is unusual, but Ben was diagnose with Retinal Cancer. 6 in a million people are diagnosed with Retinal cancer in the world. Underwood was fortunate enough to still be alive as a natural. Ben can just be like animals! He uses echolocation to identify stuff around him. That way, he knows when something are dangerous and when some things are not!  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Country, New Beginning

Suzy woke up to nothing, but the hot heat and everyone snoring! As she stretched her arms, she reached for her water bottle under her seat. " 20 minutes till landing " the pilot announced. Suzy was really excited to land in New Zealand, she thought of it as the land of the fresh green meadow farms. Suzy is an ordinary girl from the south of Atlanta! She is moving to New Zealand due to her fathers new job. As the plane landed, Suzy looked outside of the window of plane and pondered the beauty of the country. Suzy and her parents ran outside quickly searching for her Aunt Kilani. " Suzy! Suzy ! I'm here! " Suzy turned back only to see her cousin Justin's head poking out mysteriously of her Aunt Kilani's jacket. " Justin ! " Suzy shouted at her cousin as she gave him the warmest hug! " I'm really sure Debby will be happy to see you! " Aunt Kilani said as she was trying to control Justin.

As Suzy got out of the car, her mom and dad helped her with the luggage. Suzy and her parents went inside the house only to cushions every where and  a sense of a stinky cheesy smell! "Debby! I told you we had visitors, yet you have done nothing but NOT clean up! " Aunt Kilani shouted. Suzy and her parents were shocked. "sorry then " Debby talked back as she picked up the cushions. Suzy went upstairs to her room she was going to share with Debby for a few weeks. She put her luggage under the second bed. At that, Debby furrowed her eyebrows. " What are you doing? " Debby asked. " I think I'll be sleeping here for a few weeks! " Suzy replied as she sat down. " uggggghhh! " Debby groaned. " Get out!" Debby demanded as she grabbed Suzy's bags and flew them out the door. "I don't think I can cope! " Debby said.

Suzy went out crying into her parents room. " What happened? " Her mom questioned as she rubbed Suzy's back. " Debby doesn't want me! " Suzy replied." It'll be okay, let's go out for fresh air" Suzy's mom suggested. When they finished walking in the fresh air, Suzy went to go check on Debby. She wasn't there. At that moment Suzy was worried. Then Suzy heard the door close. She even got more worried.

Suzy went to go check who it was, it was . .  . . Debby! Debby rushed quickly to Suzy and apologized for her inappropriate behaviour. " I'm really sorry I threw you bags out, I really wasn't in the mood and mad too,  would you forgive me? " Debby questioned. " Yes! " Suzy replied as she gave Debby a hug. After that Debby helped Suzy with her bags and put them back into the room.


What I have learnt from this is that nobody should be treated different even if you can't handle your moods or if somethings bugging you! I reccomend that everybody should be treated with respect! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014


 Today at extension we were introduced to BAR. B is for what you can make " Bigger" A is for was you can "Add " and R is for what you can "Replace" What I am trying to say is bear means you can make adjustments to things. Basically our task was to draw a house in 5 minutes then we had to move a few spaces to another computer to make something either bigger or need to add something or replace something to that persons house just in 5 minutes. Once we were done we had a look at what others have done to our work as you can see on the picture above is my original house piece. And below is what the person thinks they should move or takeaway. You can see in the photo below people have written what they have done to my picture of the house. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How To Stay Warm For Winter

This weeks winter has been really horrid. So far, Auckland has had showers of rain and harsh wind. Today there is no chance of a hot weather. I recommend staying indoors is a great place to stay in the winter, if you are outdoors there is a chance of getting the flu.

When it comes to weathers like this, the most important thing is what you are wearing. It is best to wear warm layers of clothes.  I do not recommend wearing lots of  layers! Try wearing something that is easy to move into. Covered shoes are great to go for the winter! Sandles, I do not prefer! They can get your feet wet and really cold.

Hot cocoa is a great refreshing drink for you to have during cold days. Ice blocks and cold food are not an idea! When days are cold eat and drink hot things, (e.g soup, noodles,) . When it is summer wear clothes that are very suitable for your body to handle the heat. ( e.g shorts, t-shirts, jandles )

When sleeping I prefer you still wear warm clothes. If you are a girl tie your hair into a bun, bLayers of  blankets are great also a few pillows. The important thing is being comfortable. Make sure to drink something hot and go to the bathroom before you go sleep!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Vocabulary Practice

 This week Mrs. Lagitupu had given us a reading task related to our topic in class which is all about sound. Here is what I have done so far.

Korean Hangul 한글

What Is Korean Hangul? Hangul is the Korean alphabet born in Korea. Hangul was created by Sejong the great. Sejong the great was the 4th king of Joseon Dynasty at the time of 1443. Hangul is still used in these days widely. By the time Hangul started going out, Sejong then published Hunminjeongum Haeryebon 훈민정음 해례본.  This particular books records the information and invention of Korean Hangul. Did I mention the Sejong the great also added  Chinese characters? 

In Hangul there are 21 letters in a vowel. There are 10 simple ones and 11 complicated ones. In Korean there are 14 consonants in Hangul Language. The consonants and vowels are joined together into blocks of syllable. 


Seoul 서울 Hangul 한글 Pyongyang 평양ㅅㅓㅇㅜㄹㅎㅏㄴㄱㅡㄹㅍㅕㅇㅇㅑㅇseo-ulhangeulpyeongyang 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tech At Tamaki

This year is my first year experiencing what it’s like at tech. So far, I have mostly enjoyed finding undiscovered facts. Every thursday,  Class 2 and Class 4 and half of Class 1  walk down to Tamaki College to Tech. At tech there a three seperate class, Hard Material, Graphics and Food. When going tech we spend a pretty long time in our separate classes.

Last term I was in Hard Material and our focus was to make necklaces dedicated to someone. Of course, Mr Grundy wouldn’t send us straight to making them! He gave us a workbook to add pictures of examples of what we want to make. One of the hardest things was having to scroll saw the MDF. MDF is a piece of cardboard the has your design on it.

I wasn’t really impressed with my work due to lack of size and un-matched shapes. I found it really disappointing. That’s why my goals for graphics and foods is to do things fluently without lack of energy. I really do hope that this term goes well.

This term in graphics so far, we have learnt about horizontal lines and Vertical lines even slant lines. So that mean I am in graphics! Mr. Pineda is my teacher and so far my writing and art has improved. Mr pineda makes sure that we bring a pencil case and our netbook every time we enter his class!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Explanation: How to make Buttercream frosting

Butter cream frosting goes great with cupcakes and cakes. Butter cream frosting is one of my favorites frosting's in the world! Once you learn how to make this delicious recipe, i'm sure people would come running to your food :) 

1 cup of unsalted butter (softened) 
3-4 cups of confectioners powder sugar, sifted
1/4 teaspoons of salt 
A tablespoon of Vanilla Extract
4 tablespoons of Milk

First add the 1 cup of butter to the bowl. Beat the butter using a whisk roughly until it comes to a fluffy, light mixture. 
Then pour 3 cups of powdered sugar into the mixture. Again, beat roughly with more speed. Add Vanilla, salt and 2 tablespoons of milk. 

Whisk hard until everything comes to a good consistency and everything is combined. Make sure the frosting doesn't come to a liquid. Enjoy this recipe. Most of the idea came from Wiki How. Bon ape tit. 

Friday, June 6, 2014


Whenever you post, send or share something the whole world can see it. That's why its best to be careful around the network, for it can cause lots of trouble. The most cautious thing to not be involved in is cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying is in action of bullying someone using the internet.

Some sites on the internet have age rules. Especially virtual worlds. Virtual Worlds sometimes record what you are saying to the others. What is a virtual world? Virtual worlds are an online community similar to the real world.
You can chat to people from the other side of the world, but you will never know the words you type will be seen from millions of people.

Cyber Bullying can lead to suicide and injuries. Cyberbullying is not just online, but outside in the real world too. If you are getting cyber bullied its best to report the person to the site or delete it.

Hiding something on the internet, will always be found. No matter how much times you delete the footprint would always be found. At assembly today we were talking about it. We also learnt a quote too! I learnt from it that wherever  you go a footprint will show.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to make pancakes.

Pancakes are great to go with syrup! Especially butter! Pancakes are usually eaten for breakfast and people love it. Pancakes are a flat cake, and it is usually thin. Did you know you can make pancakes in different sized shapes?

The ingredients you will need is: 2 eggs, 300 mls of milk, 50 grams of sugar, 1 1/2 cups of flour , 2 full teaspoons of baking  powder, half a teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of melted butter.

Method: Turn the pan onto medium heat and add 3 and half teaspoons of melted butter. Whilst the butter is setting, get a bowl and crack 2 eggs and then out the eggs into the bowl. Whisk the bowl for 2 minutes. When done, add the milk slowly and the rest of the ingredients to the mixture. Then bring the mixture to the pan. Cook the pancake on each side for 2 minute.

If you think eating a plain pancake is not enough you can add melted butter on top. Pancakes go really good with sugar/maple syrup! You can find syrup at your local store. If you don’t feel like those, you can try jam and nutella on top! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How To Play Netball

How to play netball.

Netball is a winter sport played with 7 positions. In netball there is an attacker, who usually always gets free. And then there is the Defender who defends the attacker from getting the ball. A netball court usually has white or yellow court markings that helps show where you are supposed to go or not to go. Netball is a game based on throwing and catching the ball.

You will find netball kind of similar to basketball, but when catching the ball you do not run with the ball. Also you can't steal the ball of your opponent. When defending your partner who has the ball, you will have stand 3 feet away from your partner. If you do not, the ref would say “ obstruction, stand down” and you will have to stand next to your partner. Another one is contact. Contact is when you steal the ball off someone and you will also have to stand next to your  partner.  

You will have 3 seconds to hold the ball. If it is more than 3 seconds the ball will be passed on to the other team. Netball can be very strict on stepping. No matter if it is a tiny step or a large step it will still be passed on to the other team. What you can do is pivot. What is pivot? Pivot is an action of keeping one feet still and making one leg turn your whole body.

In netball your gear would be very simple. Some teams like the silver ferns wear ‘ dresses’. Our school wears a ‘top and skirt’. When playing this sport, it is very essential that you wear sport shoes/trainers! If you do not wear sport shoes, there is a chance of not playing the whole game. Bibs are also part of netball. Bibs have two letters on each side, it is used to show what position you are.

In netball there are 7 positions such as: Goal keeper, Goal attack, Goal defence, Center, Wing attack, Wing defence and Goal shoot. When playing you will ALWAYS have an opponent. If you are goalkeeper your partner would be a goal shoot.