Friday, June 27, 2014

Whizz Education

Whizz Education is a site for kids to improve their maths! I have been using Maths Whizz since being a Year 4 and right now I am a Year 7. For Maths Whizz there has been ups and down during tutor sessions on Maths Whizz. If you have been failing your tutor tasks, you can go on console and replay the task over and over until you know your at the right stage. The most tutor tasks that you should beware of is Tests. Tests give you questions you have learnt from the previous lessons, if you get all the questions right ( or at least 3 out of 5 ) Maths Whizz will take you to another higher stage. Right now, I am mastering Word Problems on Maths Whizz and so far I am really enjoying it :) I also think this is great because if your not seeing your teacher as a group maths whizz can be a substitute to educate you!

 ---------- ( This is a lesson task that you learn from before going on a test! )

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