Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How To Stay Warm For Winter

This weeks winter has been really horrid. So far, Auckland has had showers of rain and harsh wind. Today there is no chance of a hot weather. I recommend staying indoors is a great place to stay in the winter, if you are outdoors there is a chance of getting the flu.

When it comes to weathers like this, the most important thing is what you are wearing. It is best to wear warm layers of clothes.  I do not recommend wearing lots of  layers! Try wearing something that is easy to move into. Covered shoes are great to go for the winter! Sandles, I do not prefer! They can get your feet wet and really cold.

Hot cocoa is a great refreshing drink for you to have during cold days. Ice blocks and cold food are not an idea! When days are cold eat and drink hot things, (e.g soup, noodles,) . When it is summer wear clothes that are very suitable for your body to handle the heat. ( e.g shorts, t-shirts, jandles )

When sleeping I prefer you still wear warm clothes. If you are a girl tie your hair into a bun, bLayers of  blankets are great also a few pillows. The important thing is being comfortable. Make sure to drink something hot and go to the bathroom before you go sleep!

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