Friday, June 27, 2014



Echolocation is also a bio sonar for seven kinds of Animals. It is when animals like Bats locate objects that are around them or near them. Underwater animals use echolocation, their soundwaves go through water. Bats sound waves go through the air just like humans. Lots of Animals use Echolocation to catch their prey or obstacles when its dark.

Bats use echolocation when they give out sound waves either using their mouth or nose. When the sound waves hit an object their sound waves reflect back to them. At that, the bats know what or where it is. They know the size, sound and shape and texture of the object.  Even a tiny insect just from its echo!

Ben Underwood is  the only man standing who can see without eyes! What’s really crazy is, Ben can skate, shoot hoops and play playstation. I know this is unusual, but Ben was diagnose with Retinal Cancer. 6 in a million people are diagnosed with Retinal cancer in the world. Underwood was fortunate enough to still be alive as a natural. Ben can just be like animals! He uses echolocation to identify stuff around him. That way, he knows when something are dangerous and when some things are not!  

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