Saturday, June 28, 2014

Term 2 Reflection

Term 2 has been one of the greatest terms of the year so far! I have experienced the independence of being a year 7 at Point England School. Through all the mistakes I have previously made, I now learn from them and am ready to move on to the next term. This term has mostly been a ' distraction term' due to on going chatting, too much laughing and lack of on-time work! So far, I have really enjoyed my time at tech in hard materials! Mr Grundy has really helped me a lot with my product! Taking a look at my finishing product I have thought 'wow'! Thank you Mr Grundy! And i'd be soon thanking Mr Pineda! 

On Tuesday, Netball has got to be one of my biggest priorities! Every Tuesday after school the netball team from year 6 - 8 meetup in the hall after school to get ready for netball. This term my netball team have been getting a lot of 4:15 timed netball games, which means we have to stay at school and the teachers will transport us to the courts at AMI. My positions for the year are GD and GK, I am really looking forward to playing GA and GS in Term 3!

Overall term 2 has been a very great term, even though naught boys can get in the way! I am now looking forward to working harder in term 3! :') 

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