Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How To Play Netball

How to play netball.

Netball is a winter sport played with 7 positions. In netball there is an attacker, who usually always gets free. And then there is the Defender who defends the attacker from getting the ball. A netball court usually has white or yellow court markings that helps show where you are supposed to go or not to go. Netball is a game based on throwing and catching the ball.

You will find netball kind of similar to basketball, but when catching the ball you do not run with the ball. Also you can't steal the ball of your opponent. When defending your partner who has the ball, you will have stand 3 feet away from your partner. If you do not, the ref would say “ obstruction, stand down” and you will have to stand next to your partner. Another one is contact. Contact is when you steal the ball off someone and you will also have to stand next to your  partner.  

You will have 3 seconds to hold the ball. If it is more than 3 seconds the ball will be passed on to the other team. Netball can be very strict on stepping. No matter if it is a tiny step or a large step it will still be passed on to the other team. What you can do is pivot. What is pivot? Pivot is an action of keeping one feet still and making one leg turn your whole body.

In netball your gear would be very simple. Some teams like the silver ferns wear ‘ dresses’. Our school wears a ‘top and skirt’. When playing this sport, it is very essential that you wear sport shoes/trainers! If you do not wear sport shoes, there is a chance of not playing the whole game. Bibs are also part of netball. Bibs have two letters on each side, it is used to show what position you are.

In netball there are 7 positions such as: Goal keeper, Goal attack, Goal defence, Center, Wing attack, Wing defence and Goal shoot. When playing you will ALWAYS have an opponent. If you are goalkeeper your partner would be a goal shoot.

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