Friday, June 13, 2014

Korean Hangul 한글

What Is Korean Hangul? Hangul is the Korean alphabet born in Korea. Hangul was created by Sejong the great. Sejong the great was the 4th king of Joseon Dynasty at the time of 1443. Hangul is still used in these days widely. By the time Hangul started going out, Sejong then published Hunminjeongum Haeryebon 훈민정음 해례본.  This particular books records the information and invention of Korean Hangul. Did I mention the Sejong the great also added  Chinese characters? 

In Hangul there are 21 letters in a vowel. There are 10 simple ones and 11 complicated ones. In Korean there are 14 consonants in Hangul Language. The consonants and vowels are joined together into blocks of syllable. 


Seoul 서울 Hangul 한글 Pyongyang 평양ㅅㅓㅇㅜㄹㅎㅏㄴㄱㅡㄹㅍㅕㅇㅇㅑㅇseo-ulhangeulpyeongyang 

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