Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Country, New Beginning

Suzy woke up to nothing, but the hot heat and everyone snoring! As she stretched her arms, she reached for her water bottle under her seat. " 20 minutes till landing " the pilot announced. Suzy was really excited to land in New Zealand, she thought of it as the land of the fresh green meadow farms. Suzy is an ordinary girl from the south of Atlanta! She is moving to New Zealand due to her fathers new job. As the plane landed, Suzy looked outside of the window of plane and pondered the beauty of the country. Suzy and her parents ran outside quickly searching for her Aunt Kilani. " Suzy! Suzy ! I'm here! " Suzy turned back only to see her cousin Justin's head poking out mysteriously of her Aunt Kilani's jacket. " Justin ! " Suzy shouted at her cousin as she gave him the warmest hug! " I'm really sure Debby will be happy to see you! " Aunt Kilani said as she was trying to control Justin.

As Suzy got out of the car, her mom and dad helped her with the luggage. Suzy and her parents went inside the house only to cushions every where and  a sense of a stinky cheesy smell! "Debby! I told you we had visitors, yet you have done nothing but NOT clean up! " Aunt Kilani shouted. Suzy and her parents were shocked. "sorry then " Debby talked back as she picked up the cushions. Suzy went upstairs to her room she was going to share with Debby for a few weeks. She put her luggage under the second bed. At that, Debby furrowed her eyebrows. " What are you doing? " Debby asked. " I think I'll be sleeping here for a few weeks! " Suzy replied as she sat down. " uggggghhh! " Debby groaned. " Get out!" Debby demanded as she grabbed Suzy's bags and flew them out the door. "I don't think I can cope! " Debby said.

Suzy went out crying into her parents room. " What happened? " Her mom questioned as she rubbed Suzy's back. " Debby doesn't want me! " Suzy replied." It'll be okay, let's go out for fresh air" Suzy's mom suggested. When they finished walking in the fresh air, Suzy went to go check on Debby. She wasn't there. At that moment Suzy was worried. Then Suzy heard the door close. She even got more worried.

Suzy went to go check who it was, it was . .  . . Debby! Debby rushed quickly to Suzy and apologized for her inappropriate behaviour. " I'm really sorry I threw you bags out, I really wasn't in the mood and mad too,  would you forgive me? " Debby questioned. " Yes! " Suzy replied as she gave Debby a hug. After that Debby helped Suzy with her bags and put them back into the room.


What I have learnt from this is that nobody should be treated different even if you can't handle your moods or if somethings bugging you! I reccomend that everybody should be treated with respect! :)

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