Friday, June 6, 2014


Whenever you post, send or share something the whole world can see it. That's why its best to be careful around the network, for it can cause lots of trouble. The most cautious thing to not be involved in is cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying is in action of bullying someone using the internet.

Some sites on the internet have age rules. Especially virtual worlds. Virtual Worlds sometimes record what you are saying to the others. What is a virtual world? Virtual worlds are an online community similar to the real world.
You can chat to people from the other side of the world, but you will never know the words you type will be seen from millions of people.

Cyber Bullying can lead to suicide and injuries. Cyberbullying is not just online, but outside in the real world too. If you are getting cyber bullied its best to report the person to the site or delete it.

Hiding something on the internet, will always be found. No matter how much times you delete the footprint would always be found. At assembly today we were talking about it. We also learnt a quote too! I learnt from it that wherever  you go a footprint will show.

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