Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tech At Tamaki

This year is my first year experiencing what it’s like at tech. So far, I have mostly enjoyed finding undiscovered facts. Every thursday,  Class 2 and Class 4 and half of Class 1  walk down to Tamaki College to Tech. At tech there a three seperate class, Hard Material, Graphics and Food. When going tech we spend a pretty long time in our separate classes.

Last term I was in Hard Material and our focus was to make necklaces dedicated to someone. Of course, Mr Grundy wouldn’t send us straight to making them! He gave us a workbook to add pictures of examples of what we want to make. One of the hardest things was having to scroll saw the MDF. MDF is a piece of cardboard the has your design on it.

I wasn’t really impressed with my work due to lack of size and un-matched shapes. I found it really disappointing. That’s why my goals for graphics and foods is to do things fluently without lack of energy. I really do hope that this term goes well.

This term in graphics so far, we have learnt about horizontal lines and Vertical lines even slant lines. So that mean I am in graphics! Mr. Pineda is my teacher and so far my writing and art has improved. Mr pineda makes sure that we bring a pencil case and our netbook every time we enter his class!

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  1. Hi Josephine

    I enjoyed reading your post about Tamaki Tech. You added lots of great detail and information about what you have experienced and have been learning about. Well done.