Monday, June 23, 2014


 Today at extension we were introduced to BAR. B is for what you can make " Bigger" A is for was you can "Add " and R is for what you can "Replace" What I am trying to say is bear means you can make adjustments to things. Basically our task was to draw a house in 5 minutes then we had to move a few spaces to another computer to make something either bigger or need to add something or replace something to that persons house just in 5 minutes. Once we were done we had a look at what others have done to our work as you can see on the picture above is my original house piece. And below is what the person thinks they should move or takeaway. You can see in the photo below people have written what they have done to my picture of the house. 


  1. Hey Josephine,

    I was the R who replaced your window with a circle one it seemed pretty cool to have an odd one out


  2. Hey jossephine,
    Cool picture of your house and the after house. I really liked the two doors that is my avourite. Really efficient.

    Scincerely Ashlee