Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting Ready For Fiafia

I am looking forward to performing in our Fiafia ‘next week!’. As you might know , I am in the Hawaiian group and we are so lucky to have three tutors that give us lots of support! We are dancing to He Mele No Lilo from the animated series of Lilo and stitch! Overall I feel really confident & focused  being in the hawaiian group!

My favorite part of the dance is when  you clap from the top and move your hands down like an angel! It is an very awesome move. So far, the Hawaiian tutors have helped us learn ‘a lot’ of nice hawaiian moves! Now we are on the level, of quality and we’re getting better and better at it!

Our younger girls, sometimes get stuck , but most of all they are really ‘focused’ in what they are doing. Our tutors help us teach the little ones which is very awesome. You might be thinking . . “are you actually Hawaiian?” ‘No’ I am Tongan/Samoan!

I really hope that you would come to our Fiafia next thursday and support us. We have been so busy , and we have managed to finish our dance. It has been a great job cleaning up our item.

I would like to thank the Hawaiian group for being outstanding and practicing very well. As well as our tutors, you have been ver supportive and I thank you for giving us a lot of amazing advice! Mahalo, and thank you!

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